• Options, body color, seats color, soft top color...

    84 different possible combinations

  • MADE IN FRANCE electric car

    Your NOSMOKE is unique. We produce it once your order is approved and according to the options you have selected.

    Workers set up a NOSMOKE in the French factory of NOSMOKE
  • 100% electric

    no CO2 emissions, smoke-free, silent

    car's range of 80 kilometres

    The NOSMOKE electric motor, fully assembled in France
  • Plug & drive

    Charge with a simple electrical outlet,

    nothing to add or change on your home electrical network

    A simple domestic plug is enough to charge the NOSMOKE
  • Economic

    No battery rent

    Limited maintenance costs (1 euro for 100 km)

    2 years warranty

    A NOSMOKE on a trip near a lake
  • Convenient

    Inspired by the MINI-MOKE,
    the NOSMOKE offers access without doors,
    a folding rear bench offering an easy-access space for all of your equipment.
    A safe mini-safe is also located at the rear of the vehicle.

    With its open and accessible trunk, the NOSMOKE is extremely practical.
  • Accessible

    you don't need more that your car license

    The NOSMOKE's driving position is pleasant and the dashboard is sleek
  • Any question?

    We are listening to you.