• The history of NOSMOKE

    A mature vehicle,

    result of passion and perseverance.


    The NOSMOKE brand was created back in July 2012. Luc Jaguelin, its founder, wanted to offer a flagship vehicle of yesteryear, reliable, sexy and practical, powered by an electric motor.


    The NOSMOKE adventure started with the importation of a Chinese model. This formula, still retained by all of our competitors, didn't convince us at all. We quickly discovered that the cars were not reliable enough to consider this option.


    Since 2014, NOSMOKE internalised 100% of the car production in our own factory based in France in order to ensure that each single vehicle receives love and attention so as to satisfy our clients in the long term.


    Thus, NOSMOKE is already known and recognized all around the world as the perfect seaside electric car.

  • The NOSMOKE factory

    is located in Cerizay, close by Nantes, FRANCE.

  • The NOSMOKE's frame is 100% produced in our workshops.

    It's only made from European plates laser-cut steel.

  • The chassis is then welded by automatic multi-point robots
    offering a perfect and qualitative welding.

  • The assembly of the NOSMOKE is carried out by a team of specialists in automotive assembly,

    committed to a personal and collective process of quality.


    Each NOSMOKE receives an assembly certificate signed by the workshop manager.

  • At the end of the workshop, each NOSMOKE is examined and carefully tested.

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